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To experience Mysore Union is to embrace a brand new beginning. Mysore Union provides its members the opportunities to design & curate a unique series of experiences that celebrate and spark innovation through inspiring combinations of people and events. Our members also enjoy a classy dining experience, state-of-the-art fitness, luxurious services, and opportunities to socialize with like-minded colleagues, friends, or potential new partners. Mysore Union has become the centre of everything exceptional at the Heritage City of Mysore.

It’s the perfect place to have lunch with your business partner, throw a birthday party for your loved one, have coffee with your architect, Sunday brunch with the kids, host your next Board meeting or enjoy dinner before a show. It is a place to relax, recharge or refuel…perfectly and comfortably. Our members are people who have significantly altered business, culture, and society. They have all been brought together by their desire to be inspired, to explore new possibilities, and to constantly expand their world.

Founded in 2018 , Mysore Union epitomizes our unique niche in being a progressive modern place, while embracing the culture of our diverse membership and Heritage of Mysore City. With a tradition of excellence, Mysore Union maintains a prominence in the social fabric of the community. We are committed to the highest levels of luxury and cuisine, exceptional events and an unmatched level of personalized service.

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Smoking :
Every diner is required to use the Smoking Area / Zone and not the other zones.

Alcohol :
Mysore Union reserves the right to terminate the Service of alcoholic beverages at any time.

Reservation :
All Reservations are subjected to the availability of tables.
Members are given first preference over Non- Members.

Dress Code :

  • No Tank Tops, cutoffs, swimsuits, bare midriffs, sweatpants, flip flops/sandals or beachwear.

  • ​Walking length shorts are acceptable.

  • ​Jeans are acceptable, provided that they cover undergarments completely and are not extremely faded or torn. 

  • Appropriate dress for children and young adults should be in keeping with the standards set for adults.

Right To Admission :
Mysore Union reserves the right to admission.
Non – Member Stags Are Not Allowed.

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